Opening up to the voice a most powerful tool for healing. I enjoy sharing chants and songs from around the world. Humans can develop fears about using their voices. Simple chants soon relax these fears and allow us to gain greater freedom to express ourselves.

Joining with others in song happens rarely these days but the barriers created from past experiences soon fall away as your body, mind, heart and soul feel the benefit! For more on this subject read this article on the healing energy of music

Any information relating to group work or new projects will be posted here as they become available:

Singing in the Womb:

These vocal meditations are held in the following venues. The Rooted Womb Garden at The Clophill Centre in Bedfordshire and The Strawbale Studio in Hertfordshire. Both venues are delightful and immersed in a gorgeous natural setting!


Soundhoppers is a creative collaboration in celebration of Nature expressed through music. Varied and unique play/workshops are offered to schools and social groups and cater for people of all ages and abilities. You can email via this link: